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Our mission

Levant piano matches musically talented individuals with opportunities to volunteer as musicians in the special needs community. Music is a universal language and creates a powerful tool for children to express themselves and serves as a positive outlet for their feelings. Levant Piano is a student-run program that aims to engage passionate music players in events with students in special education centers and schools. There is no doubt that music is an invaluable resource for a child's development and our main goal is to involve the community in forwarding this message.


Our services


Our members host an interactive and engaging musical event that aims to connect special needs students through the language of music 

3D Printing

We customize and print models that make music more accessible such as assistive adaptors that allow for better handling of instruments. We also print fun and engaging musical instruments!


“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”  

― Lao Tzu

Make a difference in the lives of many 


Tel: 819-318-2807

levantpiano@gmail.com Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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